New Zealand IPY-CAML project

New Zealand conducted a major biological survey of the Ross Sea, in the Antarctic, as part of the Census of Antarctic Marine Life (CAML) and International Polar Year (IPY).

26 scientists and 18 crew took part in a 50-day voyage aboard RV Tangaroa in February-March 2008.

The path of RV Tangaroa is shown to the right.

For bi-weekly reports from the ship, click on the links below: 

Bon voyage! 31 Jan-2 Feb

Iceberg ahoy! 3-6 Feb

Through the sea ice barrier: 7-10 Feb (PDF 93 kb)

The Inner Ross Sea: 11-13 Feb (PDF 129 kb)

Far South in the Ross: Sea 14-17 Feb (PDF 258 kb)

Moving North Again: 18-20 Feb (PDF 300 kb)

Rocky bottoms: 21-24 Feb (PDF 474 kb)

Back through the ice barrier: 25-27 Feb (PDF 375 kb)

Ice and more ice: 28 Feb - 2 March (PDF 324 kb)

Seamounts and open water: 3-5 March (PDF 475 kb)

Scott Island and beyond: 6-9 March (PDF 324 kb)

Admiralty Seamount: 10-12 March (PDF 500 kb)

Heading home: 13-16 March (PDF 181 kb)