Staff profile: Kane Clare

Kane Clare is a freshwater ecologist technician based in Hamilton.

Kane Clare

What is your area of specialty/role at NIWA? 

I joined NIWA to work as a freshwater ecologist technician, as part of the aquatic plants group based in Hamilton. It’s a very dynamic role and one I have enjoyed because of the diverse range of work; from looking after plant cultures at our Ruakura Research Centre, to being out in the field collecting data, to sitting at a desk working on data entry and database analysis. 

What made you made you want to work in that area? 

Working as a freshwater ecologist technician is really rewarding, because it allows me to make a tangible difference in the world by helping to conserve freshwater environments and help restore it for the benefit of everyone. I’m passionate about science, nature and the environment and want to have a positive impact. 

What’s the most rewarding thing you’ve done in your career so far? 

I have only just started my career with NIWA so I am looking forward to some rewarding challenges ahead, to further my experience, knowledge and opportunities. 

What do you like to do outside of your work at NIWA?

For me, there's nothing quite like the thrill of exploring the underwater world through scuba diving. Descending into the depths, surrounded by colourful marine life and fascinating rock formations, I feel like I'm discovering a whole new world. And when I emerge from the water, I'm filled with a sense of wonder and gratitude for the incredible beauty of our natural environment. 

Fishing is another hobby that brings me a lot of joy. Whether I'm casting a line into a pristine mountain lake or standing waist-deep in a rushing river, I love the feeling of being connected to nature and the thrill of the chase. And when I do reel in a fish, it's a satisfying reminder that sometimes the simplest pleasures in life can be the most rewarding. 

When I'm not in the water or on the river, you can often find me tramping through the wilderness on a backpacking trip. There's something incredibly freeing about packing everything I need on my back and setting out into the wilderness, with nothing but my own two feet to carry me forward. Whether I'm trekking through a dense forest or walking a steep mountain pass, I feel alive and invigorated by the challenge and the natural beauty that surrounds me.