Dr Alice Hill



PhD, Physical Geography, University of Colorado-Boulder, USA.

MS, Civil Engineering (Water Resources), University of Colorado-Boulder, USA.

BS, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Rice University, USA.


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Alice's motivation for hydrologic research is tied to the societal implications of changes to water supplies to local and regional communities and economic sectors. That is, how might climate change and/or land use intensification affect the future water security of agricultural, hydropower, and municipal users downstream?

Alice's research uses a combination of field-based sampling of hydrochemistry and isotopes, together with remote sensing information, to understand the sources and flowpaths of water within a system.  She focuses on watersheds in mountain regions, especially those with cryospheric sources (snow and ice melt) because these typically remote areas are often 1) rapidly changing in the face of climate change, 2) data scarce requiring novel approaches for data acquisition, and 3) in awe-inspiring wilderness areas that are close to her heart.  

Alice's research is supported by a Rutherford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship from New Zealand Government funding, administered by the Royal Society Te Apārangi.

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