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Loans - Policy and Procedures

Specimens can be loaned to universities, colleges, museums and other research or education institutions for the use of resident research staff.

Specimens can be loaned to undergraduate and postgraduate students only when a designated person at their department, for example, the supervisor of study, is responsible for the safety and return of the material.

Enquiries concerning loans should be addressed to the Collection Manager and sent to our NIWA Invertebrate Collection email.

Each loan will be subject to conditions outlined on the Conditions of Loan form

Fragile, unique or irreplaceable specimens will be loaned at the discretion of the Collections Manager.

Please be aware of the restrictions placed on bringing samples into different countries. It is your responsibility to ensure that permits are obtained where required. You should also understand conditions of CITES (the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) and International Dangerous Goods shipping regulations.

Loaning a type specimen

Type specimens require a Temporary Export Permit under the Protected Objects Act 1975, which is administered by the New Zealand Ministry of Culture and Heritage. Permission must be granted by the Chief Executive of the Ministry for Culture and Heritage and this application process can take between 2–10 weeks. Samples must be sent back by registered courier to NIWA within the time stated on the permit. Please allow plenty of time for any type specimen loan requests.

Returning material

It is the loaners responsibility to return the specimens securely packed with advance notification to the Collection Manager, according to international shipping regulations. If you are not sure what to do please ask us and we can provide advice on packaging and provide wording for shipping documentation.


Principal Technician - Marine Biology