NIWA’s freshwater and estuarine science on display

NIWA scientists are presenting work at three national conferences in the next two months, the New Zealand Coastal Society conference 14th – 16th November, the New Zealand Hydrological Society conference 27th – 30th November and the New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society conference,3rd – 7th December.

The work covers the whole hydrological cycle, from snow and ice in the mountains to estuaries along our coasts and includes a diverse range of aquatic ecosystems and management issues.

The Coastal Society conference in Auckland will showcase our work on Coastal environments and estuaries. A NIWA-sponsored session about the Kaipara harbour features six presentations of our science. Some of these will also be presented at the Hydrological and Freshwater Science society conferences, emphasising downstream effects of sediment loads.

The Hydrological Society conference in Nelson will feature work from the MSI-funded project Waterscape. Waterscape looks at the whole hydrological cycle, specifically the links between groundwater and surface hydrology within foothill catchments. NIWA staff will present 21 talks and poster sessions covering a range of subjects, including our Snow and Ice monitoring network, sediment transport, water quality, modelling, measurement and forecasting. A NIWA display at the conference will feature our services in freshwater monitoring and management

The Freshwater Science Society conference at the University of Otago, Dunedin will include 20 talks and posters by NIWA staff on a wide range of topics, including: water quality; river, lake and wetland ecology; aquatic plants; freshwater fish; and water management issues. Our Water resources monitoring, reporting and management services will also be show-cased at the conference.