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Adorable Anemones

An interactive guide to the shallow water anemones of New Zealand.

Anemones are found everywhere in the sea, from under rocks in the intertidal zone, to the deepest trenches of our oceans. They are a very colourful and diverse group. Now you can identify the most commonly encountered species at your local beach or favourite diving spot with Adorable Anemones, a fully illustrated interactive pdf with high-quality images of the animals in life. Just click on an image in the morphology index and you will be taken to a species page packed with information, beautiful images, and icons to simplify identification. New species are added as they are available, so divers and beach goers, please send us your images to be considered for up and coming versions! 

Version 1.0 (February 2019) is available for download now:

Adorable Anemones ID Guide [PDF 17.4 MB]


Principal Technician - Marine Biology
Cerianthid tube anemone. [Crispin Middleton, NIWA]  
Brooding or nurse anemone, Handactis nutrix (Stuckey, 1909). [Photo: Jennifer Howe]  
Jewel anemone, Humenga, Corynactis australis Haddon & Duerden, 1896. [Photo: Chris Woods, NIWA]