Training courses

NIWA offers a wide range of courses, presented at different venues according to need and the level of interest.

Courses are presented at a number of venues according to need and level of interest, and in some instances can include in-house training on the premises of the agency requiring the course.

The NIWA training courses available are listed below. 

The courses are only run if there is sufficient demand (e.g. electric fishing has a minimum of six people). NIWA also runs courses on request tailored to your needs. If your organisation has specific training needs please email, to discuss them.

For training to meet Worksafe NZ’s Scientific Diving standards we suggest visiting

For general diving enquires or Recognition Training and Experience Courses (RTEC), please contact Crispin Middleton, National Dive Safety Officer.

To express your interest in one of the courses below, or make suggestions for other potential course topics, please email us. 


Training courses NIWA can offer

NIWA has wide-ranging expertise and can offer training across a wide range of subjects. Some examples of courses that NIWA have previously offered are listed below. Please contact Training enquiries, contact details below, to express your interest in any of them.

  • Hydrological modelling - lumped catchment models
  • The hydrology of ungauged catchments
  • Managing extreme weather and flooding
  • Identifying New Zealand's native fish
  • Identifying wetland sedges and rushes
  • Identifying aquatic macrophytes
  • Identifying marine macroalgae
  • Instream habitat – survey and analysis
  • General environmental data logging
  • Electric fishing for machine operators
  • Electric fishing for machine operators- refresher
  • Targeted riparian management
  • Conservation planning
  • Farm hydrology and diffuse pollution attenuation tools
  • Hydrological statistics
  • Introduction to marine aquaculture
  • Statistical methods for water quality studies
  • Introduction to high intensity rainfall estimation in New Zealand