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NIWA data has been used recently in the development of a UVI app - "uv2Day". The app provides forecasts of the UV Index (UVI) - with and without cloud effects - throughout the day at the nearest location, or at other selectable locations within the New Zealand, Australia, South Pacific region, including Antarctica. The app includes behavioural messages, and is useful for planning activities to optimise sun exposure throughout the year, and for educating the public on what the UVI means.


Note: This app is not a NIWA product.

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This app provides estimates of the current UVI and how it is expected to vary throughout the day at any location throughout the globe. It also provides behavioural advice on how long you can remain in sunlight before damage occurs for your selected skin type. It is an educational tool that helps you plan your day to optimise your UV exposure.
The app is an extension of the uv2Day app (developed in collaboration with NIWA) which applies only to the Pacific region, where aerosol extinctions are small. Unlike that app, GlobalUV uses forecasts of ozone and cloud effects to calculate UVI on the fly. At a small cost in speed, there is a huge benefit in versatility. In addition, it provides information about position, altitude, sun elevation angle, ozone amounts, aerosol extinctions, and effects of clouds and surface reflectance (e.g., due to snow cover). Also it shows the current global pattern of UVI.  It is freely available only for android and iPhones.  The android version can also display clear-sky UVI values for other seasons at any location.

Note: This app is not a NIWA product.

View the app in the Google Play store.

View the app in the iPhone app store.

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