Welcome and project overview

Welcome from the project leader

Welcome to the first issue of our project newsletter, which will be produced every six months for the duration of the project. The newsletter will provide regular updates to project partners and interested stakeholders as well as providing insight to our findings along the way.

Please share this information with any other communities that may be interested. We hope that, through collaboration and learning from each other’s experiences, we may improve wastewater management systems at marae and similar communities.

Any feedback on the newsletter is gratefully received, along with any suggestions for improvements or articles. To subscribe or provide comments and feedback, please contact any of the project team referred to in the articles.

Project overview

NIWA has been fortunate to receive funding from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment to provide research to address the water and wastewater needs of marae and rural communities. This programme will:

  • provide more comprehensive information about water usage and wastewater generation patterns from different marae around New Zealand

  • monitor the performance of greywater treatment solutions implemented to reduce wastewater loads on marae infrastructure

  • develop prototype wetland and soil-based treatment systems that reduce risks to human health and the environment

  • design a web-based decision support tool that will help communities assess their water and wastewater needs

  • assist marae communities to implement reliable and enduring water and wastewater solutions.

The project is being led by NIWA and is scheduled for completion in late 2016.

NIWA wish to acknowledge our marae partners for allowing the use of photographs obtained for the purpose of the project in this publication.

* These photographs and images have been taken and collated in partnership between NIWA and participating marae for the purpose of the project. Permission to re-use these photographs and images for any purpose must be sought and obtained from NIWA and the partnering marae.


Principal Scientist - Aquatic Pollution
Experimental wastewater treatment reed beds installed at Pukete Wastewater Treatment Plant. The performance of this installation is currently being monitored. [NIWA]*
Conventional onsite wastewater system - Septic tank and infiltration trench. [NIWA]*