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Secure, clean, internationally competitive energy solutions will be the focus of CRL Energy under a new ownership deal signed last week.

A single tidal turbine 10 metres in diameter in the Cook Strait’s Tory Channel could generate enough electricity to power 12 homes, says NIWA scientist Derek Goring.

The effect of New Zealand’s climate on energy supply and demand will be examined in a new six-year programme worth more than $1 million. The research was announced in the budget last week and will be carried out by NIWA and funded by the Foundation for Research, Science & Technology.

New Zealand farmers can get energy from animal waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the same time.

Keeping your car in tune could do more to help reduce motor vehicle pollution than fitting catalytic converters, says the National Centre for Climate–Energy Solutions.

The announcement last week that the Maui gas field might run out 2 years early is a worry because New Zealand relies on natural gas for much of its energy needs. There are also emission problems associated with burning fossil fuels, and fossil fuels are not renewable. So, where can we get the energy we need if we want to increase our economic prosperity and improve our standard of living, without damaging the environment?


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