Eastern Hutt School brings solar energy and science to life with help from the Schoolgen programme and Genesis Energy.

NIWA and IBM today announced a multi-million dollar partnership where NIWA will purchase one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers for use in environmental forecasting.

Exploring opportunities for recovering biogas from farm effluent has produced a promising low-tech solution – covered anaerobic ponds. Not only is the technology an economical way of generating energy, it also has the dual benefit of providing farmers with a solution to their wastewater management issues while helping reduce their carbon footprint.

Understanding the complexity of tidal resources in New Zealand’s coastal waters and examining how extracting tidal energy would influence and be influenced by this variability.

This project will demonstrate the commercial feasibility of producing bio-oil by the conversion of algae biomass that has been grown in wastewater treatment facilities. In particular we aim to maximise algae production in High Rate Algal Ponds (HRAP) by adding carbon dioxide, and demonstrate energy efficient conversion of algal biomass to bio-oil.

EnergyScape is a tool to help people understand and visualise the flow of energy in New Zealand.

  Hydrogen Issues Document.


Page of EnergyScape deliverables

Relationships between EnergyScape (parent) and sub-projects

Introduction to the project

If you want to understand the technologies, resources or end-use options that New Zealand can embrace in the quest to maintain “nature’s paradise” whilst achieving economic transformation, then the EnergyScape project could interest you.
In order to support New Zealand’s quest to maintain a very high quality of life, our government planners and regulators need smart tools to help them negotiate the impacts of policies that affect the balance between energy security, environ

The Bioenergy Options for New Zealand project was initiated to consider the potential contribution of bioenergy to New Zealand’s energy future.

A uniquely ‘Kiwi’ wave energy generator is harnessing the power of waves in Evans Bay Wellington.

Low hydro inflows: it's La Niña

Sustainable energy for rural communities: what does it take?

The "Carbon Workshop 2008: Global Cycle to Regional Budget" will be held at the National Library Auditorium, Wellington on 14 and 15 April 2008.

Who resuscitated the electric vehicle?

Biogas research takes another step

Gerris software makes the finals

A milestone in renewable energy

LEAP user guide

Example of the LEAP software

After a review of the available energy system modelling and display tools, the EnergyScape team identified that the product LEAP (Long-range Energy Alternatives Planning System) was most the most suitable platform for EnergyScape.
EnergyScape has generated a sample (simplified) version of the New Zealand energy system for users to review and modify, test scenarios etc.

Advice to the Aussies on tunnel pollution

EnergyScape: progressing towards a secure energy future

Get ready for the hydrogen economy

Biogas power made easy

Biogas power made easy. It took less than two hours to convert an off-the-shelf generator to run on biogas at Dexcel’s Scott Farm, near Hamilton in the Waikato. Equipment with a total load of 9–10 kW ran happily for over two hours on electricity from the generator. And, unlike petrol or diesel, there was almost no black soot or odour.

Wave energy device hits the water

Biogas power made easy

Flaxroots approach to infrastructure

Cutting emissions: what will it take?

From the report

NZ impacts: quick guide

Short & sharp: energy research projects underway

Mapping New Zealand’s Energyscape

Investigating bioenergy options

Charting the path to a hydrogen economy

A NEET solution

How are your emissions?

New project to develop wave energy device

Getting the most out of solar panels

Wind speed on CD

Carbon dioxide levels rising fast in New Zealand too

International collaboration

Hydro and wind powers up

New centre leader

More power down the line

Wind on the ice

Putting cars through their paces

Data for the electricity market

Tackling wind variability

Rapid assessment of potential wind energy sites

NIWA helps Auckland's big clean up

NIWA greenhouse gas research: a tribute to the late Dave Keeling

Better data, better business, better environment

Cold temperature specs for fuel products

Giving biogas a good scrub

New book to help primary industries


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