Flow gauging entry, calculation, and archive.

What is TdGauge?

TdGauge is software for managing your flow gaugings. It combines data entry with flow calculation, display, and archiving. It was built by the New Zealand National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research (NIWA) to provide a complete solution for the input and management of flow gaugings from a variety of sources.

TdGauge in brief

Enter gaugings:

  • keyboard entry via an intelligent data entry grid with context sensitive help – just type your gauging card into the editor
  • support for multiple current meter rating equations.

Edit gaugings:

  • with the same intelligent data entry grid.

Exchange gaugings:

  • export gaugings in TdGauge XML format for easy data exchange
  • import gaugings from TdGauge XML files
  • import gaugings created from other gauging software (Scott Technical Glogger, NIWA Flow Logger, NIWA POEM)
  • import historical gaugings from NIWA Gauge and Ricoda files
  • send gauging results to Tideda time series database.

Display and analyse:

  • summary view shows brief result
  • list view shows raw data
  • calculation view shows detailed gauging calculations
  • graph view shows gauging section with verticals, sample points, and point velocities (as shown on right)
  • any section or gauging can be pinned as reference section for graphical comparison with the bed of other sections or gaugings.
  • copy and paste TdGauge graphs and tables into your reports

Archive gaugings:

  • gaugings are stored in a relational database
  • hierarchical organisation gives you easy access to all historical gaugings for all your sites
  • you can group your gaugings in any way you like – e.g., by project, by region, by river catchment, by gauging agency.

Calculate gaugings:

  • gauging result is calculated in accordance with ISO 748 standard
  • result includes flow, uncertainty, area, mean velocity, and other parameter
  • detailed calculations shown for all sample points.

Advantages of TdGauge

TdGauge is a core product for NIWA's own use and, as such, is being continually improved and developed.

NIWA science helps implement new gauging technologies and methods. These are incorporated into the software and passed on to NIWA's customers.

River flow measurement site on the Matukituki River, a tributary of Lake Wanaka. Credit: Steve Le Gal