Tide forecaster

Use this utility to forecast high and low tides anywhere in open coastal and ocean waters around New Zealand for up to 28 days. It also predicts historical tides back to 1830. This current version does not cover tides inside harbours and estuaries

Select where and when the tide forecast is required then press the "Calculate" button.

If you try specifying a harbour location that is not part of the model domain the nearest valid open-coast location will be used. Locations that are on dry land will also produce a result for the nearest coastal position, so care is needed when entering the latitude and longitude or clicking on the New Zealand map.

The Tide Forecaster uses a computer tide model developed by NIWA under various contracts from the New Zealand Foundation for Research, Science & Technology and with assistance from LINZ. For most coastal locations the forecasts of high and low tides will be accurate within 0.1 m in height and 5-10 minutes in time.


To choose a position, select from the pull-down list, enter coordinates, or click on the map (requires JavaScript).





Results are given taking into account Daylight Saving. For details on Daylight Saving, including start and end dates, see the DIA website for details.

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Red-Alert Tide Events

We also provide a list of red-alert days during the year when tides will be very high. This can be used as a rudimentary warning system for coastal flooding and wave overtopping in low-lying areas by keeping a watchful eye on weather systems (e.g., low-pressure systems or high winds and waves) during these periods.

View the High Water and Low Water envelopes for the current year.