NIWA Instrument Systems: whatever it takes

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The NIWA Instrument Systems team is a specialised consulting group within NIWA, with a unique role of designing, installing, and maintaining environmental-monitoring systems. We provide a diverse technical capability that enables NIWA scientists, and external clients, to accurately monitor the environment and gather environmental data.

Instruments Systems does whatever it takes to deliver the required environmental data.

We provide and maintain systems of instruments that sense the physical environment, record the data and make this accessible to the client.

To provide these benefits, we…

  • Continuously look for better ways to acquire and deliver data.
  • Design instruments and systems of instruments.
  • Develop custom environmental monitoring and control solutions.
  • Manufacture standard and specialised systems.
  • Supply a complete range of environmental monitoring equipment.
  • Install systems (from the Antarctic to the Pacific Islands).
  • Provide and maintain irrigation flow monitoring and control systems.
  • Service and support individual instruments.
  • Provide support for operational systems and nationwide networks.
  • Calibrate environmental sensors.
  • Evaluate new products.
  • Provide ongoing technical support for our clients.
  • Operate a pool of hire equipment to enable fast supply.
  • Offer insurance in the form of support contracts.
  • Provide training in the use and maintenance of our systems.
  • Form an interface between technology and science.
  • Comply with international quality standard ISO9001.

More information about the Instrument Systems team, technology, and capabilities


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Installing a snow and ice monitoring station, Nelson Lakes. (Jordy Hendrikx)