Customary Coastal Management Workshop

Customary Coastal Management Workshop

Karengo harvest at Mahia. (Photo: Sheryl Miller, NIWA)

21–22 June, Te Papa, Wellington.

NIWA’s National Centres for Coasts & Oceans and Fisheries & Aquaculture will host a workshop to highlight how increased scientific knowledge can advance customary management of the coastal environment.

Increasingly, iwi and managers of taiapure and mātaitai (traditional fishing grounds) have regulatory responsibilities for customary management of the coastal environment and kaimoana resources. Yet knowledge to undertake such management is not uniformly accessible or useable.

The first day of the workshop will identify the key issues and management regimes from the viewpoint of stakeholder groups. The second day will focus on scientific advances, such as habitat mapping and resource assessment, that can underpin customary coastal and kaimoana management. This includes techniques for fisheries enhancement and integrated environmental management. There will also be time for discussion to identify key knowledge gaps.

The workshop will be of particular interest to iwi coastal managers, taiapure and mātaitai managers, fisheries managers, resource and environmental planners, and local, regional, and central government policy managers.