All you ever wanted to know about estuaries...

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All you ever wanted to know about estuaries ...

Most New Zealanders live near an estuary, but how many of us know what estuaries do for us, and the issues that affect them?

NIWA has gathered together information on New Zealand estuaries in a single resource, designed to inform our communities about how estuaries work, problems that affect estuaries, and some solutions to those problems. The review brings together 30 popular articles written by NIWA staff over the past 10 years, focusing on North Island estuaries.

‘We hope that the information in this review will empower groups and individuals to tackle the issues that affect estuaries,’ says Dr Malcolm Green, who led the project.

A CD-rom version will be distributed to agencies with interests and responsibilities in estuaries, including regional and district councils, and central government. It is also being distributed to community groups nationally through the New Zealand Landcare Trust.

New Zealand’s Estuaries: How they work and the issues that affect them is available on CD from Dr Malcolm Green ([email protected]) and can be downloaded from NIWA’s website at:

The project was funded by the Foundation for Research, Science & Technology.

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