Coasts & Oceans Update

Up until November 2008, this was a joint quarterly update from the National Centre for Coasts and the National Centre for Oceans. The publication facilitates public, industry, and governmental access to NIWA's expertise and knowledge in coastal and ocean research.


Know your beach with Coastal Explorer

No-fish zone protects life on the seabed

Where do baby oysters go?

Tangaroa upgrades undersea currents technology

New Zealand Regional Bathymetry Chart

New measures for shellfish health

Colour clues to ocean productivity

Tidal creeks - important sinks for fine sediment

Gathering fishers' stories

Modelling the early life of Antarctic toothfish

Huge undersea landslide discovered in Cook Strait

New methane-munching bacteria discovered

More vast underwater canyons revealed

Wellington hosts international deepsea coral symposium

What lies beneath Wellington Harbour?

New insight on sediment processes

Recyclers of the coastal zone

The changing map of Antarctica

Land-use change and sedimentation

Bringing the harbour back to life

Argo deployment reaches new milestones

Ocean acidification - what impacts?

Bathymetric survey helps Cook Strait shipping

Identifying emerging contaminants of concern

Mahia's nuisance sediment

In the wake of the ferries

Special Issue - Effects of land-based activities on the coastal environment

Death of a thousand cuts - ecosystem disturbance

Of mud, mangroves, and radioisotopes

What risk to human health?

Rivers: the land-coast connection

A better way to define the foreshore

New Zealand's icy visitors - past and present

International voyage to probe methane deposits

Customary Coastal Management Workshop

Estuary health check

Better tools mean improved knowledge and services

Smart buoy for coastal monitoring

A flexible way to model sediment dispersal

Getting intimate with aquatic sediments

GeoEel sees beneath the seafloor

Ocean Survey 20/20 gets underway

What happens to nutrients in estuaries?

Sophisticated sonar for marine habitat mapping

Ashley Estuary in good shape

Bounty and Antipodes Islands surveyed

All you ever wanted to know about estuaries...

Avon-Heathcote fish surveyed

Workshop explores coastal

Making the most of a little iron

Mammoth UNCLOS submission filed

Measuring trace gases in the open ocean

Mapping Marlborough's complex currents

Revealing the forces that shape beaches

Mud and mangroves in the Firth of Thames

How toxic are heavy metals to estuary life?

A better picture for oil exploration

The Argonauts are back

Predicting ocean nutrient levels

NIWA helps reduce exploration risk

Monitoring the sea level

Myriad applications for isotope analysis

Backscatter workshop a success

Effects of land-based activities on the coastal environment: issues & solutions

Modelling aquaculture effects in the Firth of Thames

To San Diego, via Chile

Habitat map for taiapure

When paua seek a home

Hear world experts on seafloor mapping

Big marine farm zone; small effect

Free workshop coming up

Marine Environment Classification launched

Building better offshore mussel farms

Where are the offshore minerals?

Vessels rise to Argo challenge

Tide advice for rescue centre

Picture perfect for port

Sounds surveyed

How green's the bay?

Wave rider buoy 'very valuable'

Finding sand to feed a growing city

Offshore exploration

Habitat mapping highlight

National Centre timely, says Minister

New tool for marine conservation and management

Marine habitat mapping workshop

Mapping life on the Napier seafloor

Future waves

The right time to focus on coasts & oceans

Ocean colour helps fishers

Monitoring Auckland's intertidal zones

A research vessel for all seasons