Aquatic Biodiversity & Biosecurity Update

This electronic newsletter was produced by the National Centre for Aquatic Biodiversity and Biosecurity. Articles range from the discovery of a giant octopus to distribution of native fish in New Zealand waterways, and from detection of introduced marine species to biosecurity threats to geothermal streams.


Epic Antarctic voyage complete: analysis begins

Applying the science: didymo

Major port biosecurity surveillance underway

What risk from alien fish?

Major Antarctic biodiversity voyage underway

Sea ice effects on Ross Sea food webs

A sexy lure for perch

Weedbusting at the border

NIWA co-hosts global marine biodiversity meeting

Minding Nemo

Bioblitz night dive reveals an exciting find

Didymo round-up

Awards, awards, awards

Foot and mouth defences at the ready
The recent foot and mouth disease (FMD) outbreak and subsequent scares in the UK are a reminder of how serious a threat FMD is to New Zealand’s livestock industry.

A millennium of change
Ever wondered what life was like in the seas around New Zealand 1000 years ago, before human settlement?

Keeping pest plants at bay

Promising results from GemexTM field trials

Seamount research extended

NIWA's biosecurity expertise sought in Middle East

NZ seabed biodiversity probed

New caddisfly species revealed

Of troglobites and troglophiles

Getting to grips with New Zealand Crustacea

Alien worms - frequent international travellers

Marine Invasives Taxonomic Service - 12 months on