Voyage reports and data

A list of current voyage reports in downloadable formats.




NIWA TAN1908 Sub-Antarctic ecosystems [PDF 9MB] Pablo Escobar-Flores
GNS TAN1809 Hikurangi Ocean Bottom Investigation of Tremor and Slow Slip (HOBITSS V) [PDF 20MB] Daniel Barker
NIWA TAN1806 Quantitative ocean-column imaging (QUOI) using hydroacoustic [PDF 9MB] Geoffroy Lamarche 
NIWA Ross Sea Environment and Ecosystem Voyage 2019 [PDF, 10MB] Richard O’Driscoll
GNS TAN1712-1803 voyage report for ocean bottom seismograph recovery in support of seismic surveys (ORCSS 2 and 3): 3D survey offshore East Coast North Island [PDF 37MB] Richard Kellett
NIWA TAN1804 Voyage Report Campbell Plateau [PDF 2.8MB] Phil Sutton
NIWA Resilience of deep-sea benthic communities to the effects of sedimentation (“ROBES”) [PDF 8MB] Malcolm Clark
GNS TAN1808 Gas Hydrate Systems of the Southern Hikurangi Margin, Aotearoa, New Zealand [PDF 15MB] Gareth Crutchley / Joshu Mountjoy
GNS TAN1710: Seismogenesis at Hikurangi Integrated Research Experiment (SHIRE) Report of R/V Tangaroa cruise [PDF 10MB] DHN Barker, H Van Avendonk, G Fujie


TAN1608: Canterbury Basin Survey [PDF 2.8MB]

John Mitchell


TAN1611: Back Arc south Survey of Kermadec Sanctuary - Coleville III [PDF 2.7MB]

Fabio Caratori Tontini (Cornel De Ronde)

University of Auckland, Museum of Auckland, NIWA

TAN1612: Biodiversity patterns of benthic and mid water fauna of Kermadec Region [PDF 4.5MB]

Malcolm Clark/Tom Trnski/Rochelle Constantine


TAN1613: Hikurangi Paleoseismology [PDF 20MB]

Phil Barnes

University of Malta, NIWA TAN1703: MARCAN [PDF 6MB]
Dr Joshu Mountjoy (NIWA), Dr Aaron Micallef (University of Malta)
Ministry for Primary Industries TAN1701: Quantifying Benthic Biodiversity - Chatham Rise [PDF 18.5MB]
NIWA TAN1702: Campbell Plateau [PDF 3.7MB] Aitana Forcen-Vazquez
NIWA RV Tangaroa Summary Voyages 2016/17 Rob Christie
NIWA RV Tangaroa Summary Voyages 2017/18 Rob Christie
NIWA RV Tangaroa Summary Voyages 2018/19 Rob Christie
NIWA July 2019 - June 2020  RV Tangaroa Schedule Rob Christie

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