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2010 UV workshop



The presented papers are arranged by the workshop programme. 



Richard McKenzie

Workshop Overview

Greg Bodeker

Ozone: Past present and future

Stephen Wood

The Antarctic ozone hole: Didn't we fix that already?

Bruce Forgan

Developing UV monitoring using CCD technology

Stuart Henderson

Spectral measurements of solar UV at several altitudes under Australian conditions

Julian Grobner

Effect of snow albedo and topography on UV radiation

Janet Bornman

Environmental impacts of ozone depletion and its interactions with climate change

Ken Ryan

Proxy methods to estimate UV

Rainer Hofmann

UV radiation in New Zealand: implicatons for grape quality

Richard Turner

Improved UVI products at NIWA

Alfio Parisi

UV dosimeter based on Polyphenylene Oxide for the measurement of UV exposures to plants and humans over extended periods

Martin Allen

Dosimeter badges to monitor personal UV doses

Ben Liley

Personal exposures to UV radiation in New Zealand

David Sherman (Demo)

Personal UV dosimeter badges: Mark II

Paul Johnston

Calibration of Solaria

Richard McKenzie

Erythema v vitamin D production from sunlight and solaria

John Javorniczky

The Introduction of Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) and the impact of UVR emissions on photosensitive people

Peter Gies

Solaria in Australia and the standards making process

Craig Sinclair

Sun bed policy - an international perspective

Marius Rademaker

Photoageing - what is it all about?

Christina Mackay

The role of built environment in modifying UVR exposure

Anne Kricker

Correlates of sun exposure and skin cancer in a large Australian population over 45 years of age

Robyn Lucas

Vit D, past sun exposure & skin phenotype in risk of a first episode of central nervous system demyelination

Bruce Armstrong

UV, vitamin D and cause and outcome of prostate cancer in New South Wales

Roslyn Malley

Vitamin D3, the skin immune system and cutaneous carcinogenesis

Julia Edmonds (nee Clark)

Considerations for increasing vitamin D in the food supply

Robert Scragg

Vitamin D and cardiovascular disease: are we at a tipping point?

Tony Reeder

Personal UV Exposure and Behaviour

Alistair Stewart

Vitamin D and its association with personal UV exposure

Rachel Neale

Prevalence of vitamin D insufficiency in summer and winter and associations with sun exposures - a study of office workers in south-east Queensland

Merve Wollweber

Action spectra for UV effects - UV filtering by human skin

Michael Kimlin

Seasonal Vitamin D and the role of wavelength specific UVR on Vitamin D production

Graham Stevens

An increasing incidence of melanoma: The role of MelNet

Cheryl Wilson

Maximising protection - Sun protective fabric and clothing

Judith Galtry

The Ultraviolet Index: Health promotion tool or poisoned chalice?

Jen Makin

Developing an effective UV Alert: a qualitative study

Rebecca Gray/Wayde Beckman

Communicating UVR information to the public

Corina Grey/Robert Scragg

Burden of disease associated with low vitamin D status in New Zealand

Des O'Dea

The estimated costs - economic & human - of skin cancers to NZ


Comparison between UV irradiances in Christchurch City and on the Port Hills

Michael Kotkamp

Two decades of spectral UV measurements

Neil Swift

Characterisation of AlGaN detectors for UV measurements

John Sansom

Processing and results from RB meter networks in NZ

James Liley

Interpreting data from personal UV dosimeters

Roslynd Winters

Dermatological lamps as a source of vitamin D

Joanna Turner

Understanding UV reflection in urban environments

Heather McGee

Neonatal exposure to ultraviolet radiation leads to deviation of immune system development

William Grant

Estimation of the benefits of raising mean serum 25-hyrdoxyvitamin D levels to 100-115 nmol/l worldwide

Amanda Oakley

High-risk patients self select for melanoma screening

Janet Jopson

Analysis of HRC study results from Dunedin participants during 2008

Louise Reiche

Sunscreens and vitamin D

Lemus-Deschamp L/ Makin J. 

UV index variations (1960-2006) and melanoma skin cancer incidence in Australia

William Olds

Action Spectrum For Vitamin D Synthesis

Jordi Badosa

Effects of Clouds and Aerosols on UV Radiation measured at Lauder

Sofia Nessvi & Lisa Johansson

Determinants of Vitamin D Status in a Multi-Ethnic Sample of Auckland Residents

Marius Rademaker

Thinner melanomas detected by digital monitoring

Marius Rademaker

Dermoscopic global pattern criteria in practice

Marius Rademaker

Inter-observer variability of teledermoscopy

Chris Florkowski

Seasonal variation in vitamin D levels and UV exposure in Christchurch