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Private SST


It is possible for a user to specify a “private” SST analysis area for any region within our standard processing coverage area, in addition to our standard area SST analyses for the New Zealand region, which are available to all users.

These analyses are private in the sense that:

  • They are linked directly to a particular registered username.
  • Users cannot see private areas which are not linked to their username.

Usually, a free cloud cover analysis will be provided for each private area. A user may define as many private areas as they wish. The standard fee for establishing each private area is NZ$200.

The example image shows what a private analysis might look like – in this case, over the Chatham Rise. (This is not a currently defined private area.)

Requesting a Private Area

To request a private area for your username, the usual method is to print the standard coverage map, mark the area of interest with a rectangle, and send it to:

Dr Michael Uddstrom
Fax: +64 4 386 2153

Dr Uddstrom will contact you in order to fine-tune your requirements.