Localised event forecasting

NIWA has an advanced capability to generate and deliver environmental forecasts for specific events.

These forecasts provide accurate estimates of the future state of the weather, and local marine waves, tides and storm surge. This service is provided by EcoConnect, an operational capability built on NIWA's research experience and technical expertise.

Real-time observations from weather stations and related systems are integrated into our advanced numerical forecasting models that run on NIWA's High Performance Computing Facility.

More about NIWA's High Performance Computing Facility

Observational and forecast data can be made available to event organisers directly, or NIWA can provide expert forecasters to interpret the forecasts and provide additional guidance.

If you are planning an event that is critically dependent upon the environmental conditions, or would like to see evidence of EcoConnect's capabilities please refer to the contact details below.

NIWA offers a range of weather- and climate-related information and services. [NIWA]