Input and Output Modules

A variety of input and output modules are available to use with data loggers. These range from signal conditioning and isolation devices to input expanders and units that enable loggers to control external devices.

Universal Amplifier Module

This is a multi-range amplifier to use with 6004 Starloggers. The amplifier extends the Starlogger signal range, allowing devices with low level input signals, such as thermocouples and PT-100 bridges, to be connected.


Signal Amplifier Module

Use this to amplify low level signals to match the logger's analog input range.  


Isolated Interface Module

This provides electrical isolation for transducers which cannot be directly connected to a Data Logger.


4-20mA Current Loop Isolator Model 6141B

This module electrically isolates a Starlogger from a 4-20mA current loop input signal. The signal is optically coupled and converted to a voltage that the logger can measure.


4-Channel Relay Control Module

This allows a Starlogger to control up to four devices. The logger sends serial commands to the module to operate one to four relays to switch external devices on or off.


Digital Input Module (16 bit)

The Digital Input Module expands a single high speed serial input to 16 digital inputs. For example, to record the status of up to 16 electrical contacts, for pump on/off status or event recording. If you need more than 16 inputs you can 'daisy-chain' modules. 


Universal Counter Module

The Universal Counter Module extends the number of available counter channels of the data logger. The standard operation mode is set as four 8-bit counters. Alternatively, two 16-bit counters may be configured for use with a Prologger or Starlogger. Cascading of up to eight modules is possible.


Peak Detect Module

This module adds 'sample and hold' to a Starlogger analog channel. This allows a peak value, occurring between logger scans, to be stored and read by the logger at the next scan time.


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