Battery Management System - BMS2000

To know the true condition of your batteries you need to measure battery capacity. The BMS2000 charges, measures and displays the capacity, in Ampere hours, of up to six 12V batteries at one time.

The BMS2000 provides a simple-to-use, effective solution to many battery management issues.

The NIWA Battery Management System, BMS2000, enhances the maintenance of the 12 volt rechargeable batteries commonly used in power supplies in environmental data collection systems.

The BMS2000 measures battery capacity in its discharge mode, by timing the discharge of a fully charged battery, at a defined current, down to a specific end point voltage.  Final charge capacity is displayed.

The BMS2000 charges batteries using a multi-stage characteristic in which the charge rate (charge current) is dependent upon the measured state of the battery.

It is intended that the BMS2000 has a central role in "preventative maintenance" procedures employed for data collection networks, in which the capacities of batteries are periodically verified as a part of quality assurance procedures.


Research subject: Instrumentation