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Instrumentation at NIWA Lauder

There is a wide range of instruments at Lauder, which are listed on this page.

Instrument Parameter Comment Co-operating institutions
Dobson Direct sun obs, automated Umkehr UV NOAA/CMDL, Boulder, USA
Balloon sonde (ECC type) Ozone, temperature, pressure Weekly through the year NOAA/CMDL, Boulder, USA
Ozone lidar Ozone profiles 8 to 50km Excimer laser plus Raman cell RIVM, Bilthoven Netherlands
Ozone microwave radiometer Ozone profiles 20 to 75km 110 GHz and 30 min integration NASA Langley, Hampton, USA
UV-visible spectrometer Column NO2 and column ozone Chappuis band 430 to 450nm NOAA Aeronomy, Boulder, USA
IR interferometer (FTIR) Column HCl, HNO3, ClONO3, OCS, CFCs etc. 3 micron window and 7 to 12 micron window University of Denver, USA and University of Wollongong, Australia
Aerosol and temperature lidar Aerosol profiles 5–35km, temperature profiles 5–70km Frequency doubled & tripled Nd-YAG at 532 and 355nm IROE, Florence Italy, University of Lyon, France
Aerosol lidar Aerosol profiles 6–36 km Nd-YAG laser frequency doubled 532nm Meteorological Research Institute, Tsukuba, Japan
Backscattersonde Aerosol profiles 0–34km 1 flight per month University of Wyoming, USA
Water vapour microwave radiometer Profiles 20–60km 22 GHz and 30 min integration times NRL, Washington D.C., USA
UV Spectrum Global and scattered 290 to 450nm at 1nm resolution  
UV-B monitors Erythemal UV Variety of filter radiometers  
Yankee MFRSR and
Multi-filter narrow band global, direct, diffuse 3-minute means USDA, Colorado State Univ (J Slusser)
Pyranometers and Pyrgeometers Broad band global, direct, and diffuse irradiance 1-minute means with statistics BSRN, Australian Bureau of Meteorology (B Forgan)
CSD Middleton SP02 sun photometer Aerosol spectral optical depth 1-minute means with statistics BSRN, Australian Bureau of Meteorology (B Forgan)
Yankee TSI Whole Sky/Cloud image and statistics 1-minute sampling NOAA, Australian Bureau of Meteorology

For more information on any of these instruments, refer contact details below.


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