Energy sector

NIWA provides a wide range of research and consultancy services to the energy sector, including resource assessment, monitoring and forecasting, environmental impact assessments and mitigation. Our work is helping New Zealand to move towards being powered by sustainable and low carbon technology.



Our world class observation networks and computer modelling provide the foundation for planning and operating hydroelectric projects.


Quantifying the resource and forecasting its variability. 


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Transmission and management

Understanding the climate is essential for network management.

Marine (wave and tidal)

Keeping ahead of international energy generation trends.

Watch our video 'Current conversion - tidal and wave energy in New Zealand' to learn more about our work


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Bio-gas and bio-oil

Managing waste and generating revenue.


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Optimising your investment.


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Clyde Hydro Dam. [Alan Blacklock]
Wind turbine. [NIWA]
Clyde Pylons. [Alan Blacklock]
Modelled hot spots for tidal energy in Cook Strait. Currents in these areas can reach several metres per second. [Rym Msadek]
Greta Point solar panels. [Dave Allen]