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Blog: From Wellington to Antarctica - 5 February

Tomorrow is “mob day” for 40 people heading to Antarctica for six weeks aboard NIWA’s research vessel Tangaroa.

Gayleen Taylor preparing Antarctic clothing. [Photo: Sadie Mills, NIWA]

Sadie Mills packing emergency survival gear. [Photo: Sadie Mills, NIWA]

Tangaroa is now back in Wellington after a research trip to the Chatham Rise, and that means a few days to load everything needed for such a long trip so far away.

In Wellington’s sweltering summer weather, NIWA marine biologist Sadie Mills has been packing boxes, loading them into vans and shipping containers ready for them to be shifted across town to the port where the ship is berthed.

Crucial to the voyage are emergency kits, seagoing clothing, safety equipment, chemicals and consumables. The chef has ordered 28kg of coffee!

Mob day is tomorrow when everything that’s been packed, labelled and prepared for the trip south – including the scientists and crew – go on board and stay there.

Sadie reckons the biggest challenge is to not forget anything and fitting it all on the ship somewhere.

In addition to all her science duties on board, she’ll be writing a blog and sending back photos as the ship heads south.

We’ll post them here as we get them…right now it’s full steam ahead….

Tangaroa Marine Environment and Ecosystem Voyage 2018