20 March 2004

Saturday, 20 March 2004

We left Wellington at 14:00 and are currently sailing towards the experimental site centered at approximately 48°S, 173°E. The weather couldn't be better.

There is still much work to be done to prepare everything for the experiment, so there is still much activity on board.

As the captain, Roger Goodison, surveyed the back of the ship with all the containers, tanks, and scaffolding, he was heard to remark that it was like sailing a building site!

Brian Ward, WHOI

View of the aft deck from outside the bridge before any of the tanks or containers are loaded. Much of the research work on the R/V Tangaroa is fisheries-related, and the ship is designed primarily for this type of activity.

View from the docks of loading of equipment for the SAGE cruise 2 days before departure.

View of the aft deck from the bridge after all the equipment has been loaded. The fertilization and tracer tanks can be seen behind the workboat.

Sailing out of Wellington Harbour on a sunny afternoon with a good breeze blowing.

Sunset on the first evening of the voyage while passing along the eastern New Zealand coast.

Research subject: Oceans