New Zealand bathymetry data set

This data set provides the most up-to-date bathymetry of one of the largest areas of deep-water seabed under national jurisdiction.

The 250m resolution gridded bathymetric data set encompasses New Zealand's Exclusive Economic Zone and is available in multiple high-resolution file formats to suit a range of imagery and mapping needs.

New Zealand Regional Bathymetry (2016) now available.

This dataset is available through NIWA's Geoaptial Portal under

Related information

Other Ocean Data for New Zealand is available via New Zealand Ocean Data Network (NZODN).


Alternatively, go to our charts and posters to view and purchase printed copies.

The NZ 250m gridded bathymetric data set and imagery, 2016. [NIWA]
Hauraki Gulf gridded bathymetric dataset and imagery, Mackay et al. (2012).