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Access the Resource Management Act legislation on the Knowledge Basket website.

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Synoptic MSLP weather charts are compiled daily by the Bureau of Meteorology (Melbourne) for Australia and New Zealand at:

Regularly updated marine weather forecasts are placed on the web by the NZ Met Service:

For background information on tsunami mitigation and monitoring, two of several websites:

The TOPEX/Poseidon satellite mission (and Jason-1 to follow in May 2000) measures accurate sea-surface elevations over defined tracks around the globe every 10 days, complementing coastal sea-level gauge measurements. Background information on these satellite missions can be found at the NASA site:

For the latest global update on El Niño and La Niña events, visit the NOAA site at:

Ministry for Emergency Management (MEM) has a site covering natural hazards, which include river and coastal flooding, tsunami, volcanos and cyclones:

Maritime Safety Authority of New Zealand has a site containing information on navigation, search and rescue, lighthouses, oil spill strategy etc at:

Forecasts of ocean waves for up to 126 hours from NCEP global wave model (WorldWatch3):

Forecasts of pesent wave conditions from OceanWeather site:

For tidal predictions 1 year ahead at standard ports and other navigational information on charts, lights and notices to mariners, visit the Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) site: