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EnergyScape Framework tools

New Zealand Energy Asset Database – A database of all New Zealand supply, conversion and distribution assets (both current and future). This database can be interrogated and edited by all interested users via the web interface. Quality control and management of the database is undertaken by NIWA.


New Zealand Energy Demand Database – A database of all New Zealand energy end-use demands by service, fuel type and region (both current and future). This database and the associated NZEDD-to-LEAP interface are owned by CRL Energy and are not publically available.


LEAP user guide - A guide on how to use LEAP for modelling New Zealand's energy system.


LEAP EnergyScape model (Simple) - A basic model of the NZ energy system based upon data from the “MED Energy Data File” and accessible through the LEAP analysis tool.

LEAP EnergyScape model (Complete) - The complete model of the NZ energy system developed for use with the LEAP analysis tool. The complete model contains the three “future environment scenarios” that were used in trials for evaluating the validity of the EnergyScape framework.
To ensure that results of modelling are not mis-represented, this tool is only available to recognised energy modellers.

LEAP demonstration video clips – The first video clip provides a brief outline of how to navigate LEAP, and introduces the main views. The clip gives a flavour of LEAP's scope.

Navigation video (10 MB)



NZEAD to LEAP interface - A Labview tool that extracts NZEAD data and posts it into LEAP.
LEAP viewer - A Labview tool that enables interrogation of LEAP models from external websites.
Scenario visualiser tool - An EXCEL based tool used to display graphical results of LEAP modelling.
Parameter profiler tool - An EXCEL based tool that generated Energy Data File outputs of LEAP modelling, and generates sankey diagrams of outputs.
All the above tools are owned by NIWA and not publically available.