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Energy systems analysis documents

Executive summary – This document provides a summary of the project outline and findings.



EnergyScape programme overview [1.2 MB]- This document provides an outline of the project scope and purpose and identifies the methodology utilised. This document also addresses cautions regarding the use of material generated by the EnergyScape framework.


EnergyScape basis review – This document provides a basic outline for understanding all of New Zealand's energy assets, and the basic principles used to pre-populate the NZEAD. This document is provided in sections:


EnergyScape summary of maps [4.8 MB]– A collection of maps that were generated when the EnergyScape basis review was prepared.


EnergyScape framework synopsis – This document provides an overview of the validity of the EnergyScape framework input data. The document provides a demonstration of the how the EnergyScape framework fulfils the project objectives via a review of the trial of four “future environment scenarios”.