Accessing LEAP

LEAP user guide

Example of the LEAP software

After a review of the available energy system modelling and display tools, the EnergyScape team identified that the product LEAP (Long-range Energy Alternatives Planning System) was most the most suitable platform for EnergyScape.

EnergyScape has generated a sample (simplified) version of the New Zealand energy system for users to review and modify, test scenarios etc. To view this sample, you must download the sample, and follow the user guides below:

LEAP user guide (for EnergyScape) (PDF 1.3 MB)

EnergyScape sample (ZIP 394 KB)

What is LEAP?

LEAP, the Long-range Energy Alternatives Planning system, is an advanced Windows-based software tool for integrated energy-environment mitigation analysis . LEAP has been developed by the Stockholm Environment Institute-Boston ( to meet the needs of researchers, NGOs and government agencies worldwide.

The Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) is an international non-profit research organization working on sustainable development issues. In addition to providing policy-relevant analyses, SEI builds capacity in the developing world for integrated sustainability planning through training and collaboration on projects. Its decision support tools are widely used including LEAP for energy planning and climate change mitigation assessment and WEAP for water resource planning

LEAP is the most widely-used tool of its kind in the World today with users in more than 150 countries. It has been adopted as the tool of choice by numerous countries wishing to plan their energy systems to meet sustainable development goals. Its policy-relevant focus on basic-needs energy use, energy efficiency and the environmental dimensions of energy planning make it a powerful tool to promote rational, environmentally-sound approaches in the energy sector.

 LEAP is supported through an SEI-lead initiative called COMMEND (COMMunity for ENergy environment and Development). COMMEND is an international initiative designed to foster a comunity among energy analysts working on energy for sustainable development. The COMMEND web site (, which is free and open to all, includes a number of resources for LEAP users including training materials and user manuals translated into different languages, and a technical support forum for LEAP users.

How to obtain LEAP?

An evaluation version of the software is distributed for free by SEI from COMMEND web site ( Non-profit, government, or academic organizations in a developing country can obtain a full version license at no charge. For all other users the license fee ranges from US$500 to US$3000 (More info)

Demonstration video clips

The EnergyScape team have recorded two short video clips in order to give users a visual experience of how LEAP works and can be used. Please click on the pictures to download clips.

The first video clip provides a brief outline of how to navigate LEAP, and introduces the main views. The clip gives a flavour of LEAP's scope.

 Navigation video (10 MB)

The second clip describes the interface between LEAP and the Energyscape database files.

 Excel video (15 MB)