Research team

Research team

The study team is interdisciplinary and includes sedimentologists, physicists, oceanographers, and modellers working on a range of research projects within the programme.

Dr Rob Bell – oceanography, sea-level rise and climate change, numerical modelling, coastal engineering, tides, storm surge, tsunami, sea-level network, policy and guidance
Dr Scott Stephens – extreme sea levels, storm tide, coastal hazard assessments, climate change, oceanography, hydrodynamics
Dr Richard Gorman – waves, numerical modelling, wave forecasting
Dr Mike Revell – storms, cyclones, numerical modelling, forecasting
Mr Ryan Paulik – hazard and risk assessments, RiskScape, asset and building vulnerability
Dr Michael Allis – coastal erosion, surf zone processes, coastal hazard and risk assessments, coastal engineering, climate change adaptation
Mr Glen Reeve – numerical modelling, coastal flood hazards
Mr George Payne – Cam-Era monitoring system
Mr Doug Ramsay – natural hazard and risk in Pacific Islands, urban planning tools

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Principal Scientist - Coastal and Estuarine Physical Processes