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Contacts are for our oceans work.

Key contacts for Oceans services

Chief Scientist - Oceans

Mike joined NIWA in 2001 and has a science background in physical oceanography, ocean acidification, climate change and ocean processes associated with Antarctic sea ice and ice shelves. Prior to his appointment as Chief Scientist - Oceans in 2021, Mike held a joint appointment as Director of the Deep South National Science Challenge and Principal Scientist, Marine Physics.

Strategy Manager - Oceans

Joshu Mountjoy is a Marine Geoscientist and Programme Leader for SSIF Programme Marine Physical Processes and Resources. Joshu completed his PhD jointly with the University of Canterbury and NIWA and then took up a scientist position at NIWA. He has a broad interest in seafloor geomorphology spanning submarine canyons, landslides, active tectonics, gas and gas hydrate systems and lakes. Joshu is passionate about science communication and believes scientists are beholden to communicate what they do as broadly as possible. He recently featured in the National Geographic show Drain the Oceans https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8680494/. When not being a scientist Joshu enjoys mountain biking, surfing, skiing, cooking and tinkering in his shed.

Full Staff List

Staff member Position
Sarah Allen Principal Technician - Marine Biology Email Sarah Allen
Owen Anderson Fisheries Scientist Email Owen Anderson
Dr Philip Barnes Principal Scientist - Marine Geology Email Dr Philip Barnes
Dr Jennifer Beaumont Marine Ecologist Email Dr Jennifer Beaumont
Dr Erik Behrens Ocean Modeller Email Dr Erik Behrens
Katie Bigham PhD Student Email Katie Bigham
Dr Jaret Bilewitch Molecular Biologist Email Dr Jaret Bilewitch
Lisa Bragg Personal Assistant Email Lisa Bragg
Tony Bromley Principal Technician - Atmosphere Email Tony Bromley
Dr Tom Brough Marine Ecologist - Quantitative Modeller Email Dr Tom Brough
Dr Sarah Bury Principal Scientist - Marine Biogeochemistry Email Dr Sarah Bury
Megan Carter Marine Ecology Technician Email Megan Carter
Caroline Chin Marine Biology Technician Email Caroline Chin
Rob Christie Manager - Marine Resources Email Rob Christie
Dr Malcolm Clark Principal Scientist - Fisheries Email Dr Malcolm Clark
Dr Charine Collins Regional Ocean Modelling Systems (ROMS) Numerical Modeller Email Dr Charine Collins
Steph Coursey PhD Student Email Steph Coursey
Antonia Cristi Marine Phytoplankton Ecologist Email Antonia Cristi
Dr Vonda Cummings Principal Scientist - Marine Ecology Email Dr Vonda Cummings
Dr Roberta D'Archino Marine Biologist Email Dr Roberta D'Archino
Dr Samik Datta Population Modeller Email Dr Samik Datta
Niki Davey Marine Ecologist Email Niki Davey
Ashley Davis Student Email Ashley Davis
Dr Stacy Deppeler Marine Biogeochemistry Technician Email Dr Stacy Deppeler
Mark Fenwick Marine Ecologist Email Mark Fenwick
Dr Denise Fernandez Physical Oceanographer Email Dr Denise Fernandez
Jeff Forman Fisheries Technician Email Jeff Forman
Grace Frontin-Rollet Marine Geology Technician Email Grace Frontin-Rollet
Mark Gall Marine Ecologist Email Mark Gall
Steve George Principal Technician - Instrument Systems Email Steve George
Savannah Goode Student Email Savannah Goode
Dr Rachel Hale Marine Ecologist Email Dr Rachel Hale
Dr Svenja Halfter Zooplankton Ecologist Email Dr Svenja Halfter
Dr Sean Handley Marine Biologist Email Dr Sean Handley
Dr Barb Hayden Science Advisor - Marine Email Dr Barb Hayden
Alexander Hayward Phd Student Email Alexander Hayward
Dr Emma Jones Marine Ecologist Email Dr Emma Jones
Karen Keddy Logistics Coordinator Email Karen Keddy
Dr Serena Keeler Marine Biologist Email Dr Serena Keeler
Dr Michelle Kelly Marine Biologist Email Dr Michelle Kelly
Dr Emily Lane Principal Scientist - Natural Hazards and Hydrodynamics Email Dr Emily Lane
Dr Cliff Law Principal Scientist-Marine Biogeochemistry Email Dr Cliff Law
Dr Daniel Leduc Marine Biologist Email Dr Daniel Leduc
Dr Carolyn Lundquist Principal Scientist - Marine Ecology Email Dr Carolyn Lundquist
Dr Helen Macdonald Regional Ocean Modelling System (ROMS) Numerical Modeller Email Dr Helen Macdonald
Kevin Mackay Marine Geologist, Marine Data Manager Email Kevin Mackay
Diana Macpherson Marine Biology Technician Email Diana Macpherson
Dr Katie Maier Marine Sedimentologist Email Dr Katie Maier
Andrew Marriner Ocean-Atmosphere Technician Email Andrew Marriner
Peter Marriott Principal Technician - Marine Biology Email Peter Marriott
Sadie Mills Principal Technician - Marine Biology Email Sadie Mills
Dr Mark Morrison Marine Ecologist Email Dr Mark Morrison
Graeme Moss Marine Biologist Email Graeme Moss
Dr Joshu Mountjoy Strategy Manager - Oceans Email Dr Joshu Mountjoy
Kate Neill Marine Biologist Email Kate Neill
Dr Scott Nodder Principal Scientist - Marine Geology Email Dr Scott Nodder
Louis Olsen Principal Technician - Marine Ecology Email Louis Olsen
Dr Alan Orpin Principal Scientist - Marine Geology Email Dr Alan Orpin
Mike Page Marine Ecologist Email Mike Page
Dr Darren Parsons Principal Scientist - Marine Ecology Email Dr Darren Parsons
Dr Rachael Peart Marine Invertebrate Systematist Email Dr Rachael Peart
Dr Matt Pinkerton Principal Scientist - Marine Ecology, Remote Sensing Email Dr Matt Pinkerton
Dr Richard Querel Atmospheric Scientist Email Dr Richard Querel
Dr Graham Rickard Marine Physics Modeller Email Dr Graham Rickard
Dr Natalie Robinson Marine Physicist Email Dr Natalie Robinson
Dr Ashley Rowden Principal Scientist - Marine Ecology Email Dr Ashley Rowden
Dr Amandine Sabadel Stable Isotope Ecologist Email Dr Amandine Sabadel
Karl Safi Algal Ecologist Email Karl Safi
Dr Kareen Schnabel Marine Biologist Email Dr Kareen Schnabel
Dr Sarah Seabrook Marine Biogeochemist Email Dr Sarah Seabrook
Dr Erica Spain Marine Geology Technician Email Dr Erica Spain
Keren Spong Marine Ecology Technician Email Keren Spong
Jon Stead Marine Ecology Technician Email Jon Stead
Dr Tilmann Steinmetz Principal Technician - GIS Data Administration Email Dr Tilmann Steinmetz
Dr Craig Stevens Principal Scientist - Marine Physics Email Dr Craig Stevens
Rob Stewart Principal Technician - Marine Ecology Email Rob Stewart
Dean Stotter Marine Biology Technician Email Dean Stotter
Dr Judy Sutherland Regional Manager - Wellington Email Dr Judy Sutherland
Dr Philip Sutton Physical Oceanographer Email Dr Philip Sutton
Dr Leigh Tait Marine Ecologist Email Dr Leigh Tait
Dr David Thompson Seabird Ecologist Email Dr David Thompson
Stephanie Tickle Geology Technician Email Stephanie Tickle
Di Tracey Fisheries Scientist Email Di Tracey
Ollie Twigge Moorings Technician Email Ollie Twigge
Henk van Rossem Moorings Technician Email Henk van Rossem
Matt Walkington Principal Technician - Oceanographic Systems Email Matt Walkington
Dr Sally Watson Marine Geophysicist Email Dr Sally Watson
Dr Mike Williams Chief Scientist - Oceans Email Dr Mike Williams
Ryan Willoughby Communications Lead - Ocean Science Email Ryan Willoughby
Dr Susi Woelz Principal Technician - Marine Geology Email Dr Susi Woelz
Dr Richard Wysoczanski Principal Scientist - Marine Geology Email Dr Richard Wysoczanski


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