Education & Training

Sharing knowledge & building skills

NIWA is committed to education in New Zealand at all levels. In the tertiary sector, we work through the Institute of Aquatic and Atmospheric Sciences (IAAS) and the joint Centres of Excellence that have been formally established with some universities. We also contribute widely to professional development training courses for environmental agencies in New Zealand and the South Pacific. For secondary and primary schools, we’re involved in international and national programmes.

Science and Technology Fairs

NIWA is the major sponsor for many Regional Science and Technology Fairs

Training Courses

NIWA offers a wide range of courses each year, presented at a number of venues according to need and the level of interest.

Institutes We Work With

NIWA has long-standing science links with New Zealand universities.


Providing education resources is part of NIWAs commitment to helping young New Zealanders learn about science and technology.