Tide and coastal hazards: online resources

Tide forecaster

Predictions of high and low tides anywhere in New Zealand’s EEZ can be obtained using NIWA’s Tide forecaster.

The predictions for high and low tide are based on a computer tide model that simulates the propagation of various lunar and solar tides in the wider regional sea of the SW Pacific. These predictions are only intended for information, and are not to be used for navigation or engineering design as heights are not surveyed in to an official datum.

Official tide predictions

For official tide predictions at NZ Standard Ports, see the Land Information NZ (LINZ) web site.

Sea levels

Daily (or 3-hourly) updates of measured sea level relative to the predicted tide, and long wave activity, for several tide-gauge sites throughout New Zealand.  

Tide envelopes

Annual plots of all the high and low tides for this year for several locations around New Zealand.

Storm-tide red-alert days 2017

Red-alert high tide dates for several regions, when coastal flooding of low-lying areas may occur if these high tides coincide with storm events, with the added feature of combining with monthly mean sea level forecasts 1-3 months ahead.

Canterbury wave conditions

NIWA runs a computer wave model which simulates near real-time 3-hourly wave heights and directions across the Canterbury continental shelf and along the coast.  The model is driven by measurements from the offshore wave buoy situated east of Banks Peninsula.