Mid-week field trip and dinner

Mid-week field trip

A field trip will be held on the morning of 6 December 2017. The field trip will visit locations that are important for Auckland meteorology and New Zealand’s historical weather and climate observations.

Stops will include: Auckland Library, for viewing of Reverend Richard Davis’ weather diary from Waimate North; Albert Park, a part of the longest-running weather record for New Zealand; and Auckland Museum which is located in Auckland Domain, where weather observations were also taken in the late 19th century (admission fee applies). 

Quiz night and dinner

The quiz night, nibbles and drinks will be held on the evening of 7 December, and will be held at NIWA at 41 Market Place. Please indicate any dietary requirements on your registration form.

More details to follow.

Questions? Email Drew Lorrey and Petra Pearce at ACRE2017@niwa.co.nz



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