Crumbed mussels were a bad idea

Day two

Healthy breakfast of fruit at 7:30am. Not bad considering I was still awake at 2:00am the previous evening. Made a last minute decision to have crumbed mussels as well. Later on I'm thinking it probably wasn't the best decision for my stomach, as I’m still adjusting to life at sea.

Crumbed mussels - a good meal to have on land

Apparently we won't arrive at Jackson Bay until early sometime tomorrow morning, so work shifts will kick in at some stage on Friday. The day is ours.

Checking emails and sending texts (while I still can) as we pass through Farewell Spit around 8:30am keeps me distracted from thinking about my tummy.

Lots of fresh air, rest and music keeps me going. And a few pills for seasickness. All good.