Departing Wellington

Day one

So, today is all about mobilising, including getting supplies and gear onto the Research Vessel Tangaroa which at this stage is berthed at Burnham Wharf in Miramar.

8:30am we arrive for a safety induction and tour of the Tangaroa with second mate Daniel. This takes about an hour, during which we are also introduced to our captain, Evan Solly.  Around midday we head down to Aotea Wharf near Wellington’s CBD, where RV Tangaroa has been moved. The plan is to mobilise and board and get ready to sail at 6pm. Our estimated time of arrival at Jackson Bay on the West Coast is about 30 hours from departure. Yay!

Captain Evan Solly on the bridge of the RV Tangaroa

Dinner at 5:30pm, and then we head outside on deck with some of my new crewmates as we depart from Wellington. We meet some more of the crew in the lounge and have a bit of a chat and watch TV until around bed time.   

I can't sleep so go and check out the DVD collection.  The first DVD I come across is the movie Titanic - not going to watch that!  

I head back to my cabin and plug into my music.  I settle down for the evening and try to get used to whole concept of being on a boat again - it's been about 4 years since I did my last voyage on a boat in the Pacific. That boat wasn't as flash as the Tangaroa!

Crew of the RV Tangaroa enjoying some dinner in the mess