Workshop documents

There are a number of documents that participants may wish to be familiar with prior to the workshop. Please see the list below for some recommended reading. 

Mitigation measures

VAN DOVER, C. L., ARONSON, J.,PENDLETON, L., SMITH, S., ARNAUD-HAOND, S., MORENO-MATEOS, D., BARBIER, E., BILLETT, D., BOWERS, K., DANOVARO, R., EDWARDS, A., KELLERT, S., MORATO, T., POLLARD, E., ROGERS, A. & WARNER, R. 2014. Ecological restoration in the deep sea: Desiderata. Marine Policy, 44, 98-106.

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Review papers

BOSCHEN, R. E., ROWDEN, A. A., CLARK, M. R. & GARDNER, J. P. A. 2013. Mining of deep-sea seafloor massive sulfides: A review of the deposits, their benthic  communities, impacts from mining, regulatory frameworks and management strategies. Ocean & Coastal Management, 84, 54-67.

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Case studies

COLLINS, P. C., KENNEDY, R. & VAN DOVER, C. L. 2012. A biological survey method applied to seafloor massive sulphides (SMS) with contagiously distributed hydrothermal-vent fauna. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 452, 89-107.

GWYTHER, D. 2008. Environmental impact statement, Solwara 1 project, Nautilus Minerals Niugini Limited, Main Report Brisbane: Coffey Natural Systems.

Previous VentBase outputs

COLLINS, P. C., CROOT, P., CARLSSON, C., COLACO, A., GREHAN, A., HYEONG, K., KENNEDY, R., MOHN, C., SMITH, S., YAMAMOTO, H. & ROWDEN, A. 2013a. A primer for the Environmental Impact Assessment of mining at seafloor massive sulfide deposits. Marine Policy, 42, 198-209.

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The majority of documents are available online with open access, if you have problems accessing any of the material please contact Rachel Boschen.