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Information on travel bursaries, getting to Wellington, passports and visas, biosecurity and customs, and health insurance and vaccinations.

Travel bursaries

VentBase 2014 is pleased to announce support from InterRidge for two student participants completing post-graduate research in a relevant field. The travel bursaries provided by InterRidge will contribute USD 2500 per student towards travel costs associated with the workshop. To apply for a travel bursary, students must submit an abstract/statement of interest through the online submission page. Students will also need to compose a 200 word summary of why the workshop is important to their research and how they think participation will benefit their studies. The summary should be emailed to Rachel Boschen. A decision will be made on bursary recipients by 14th February 2014. The successful students will be expected to write a report on the workshop for InterRidge.

The InterRidge travel bursaries for participation in VentBase 2014 have been extended to include post doc applications. InterRidge will contribute USD 2500 towards travel costs associated with the workshop for one post doc. Applicants must compose a statement of interest and a 200 word summary of why the workshop is important to their research. The statement and summary should be emailed to Rachel Boschen before the 7th March. 

Funding is also being sought to support participants from developing nations. More information on available travel bursaries will be posted soon. 

Getting to Wellington

Wellington airport only operates flights from Australia and the Pacific Islands. Therefore participants are likely to fly into New Zealand's other International airports in Auckland or Christchurch and will need to connect to a domestic flight internally.

Passports and visas

Please ensure that your passport and visa, if required, is in order. Visitors to New Zealand must hold a passport valid for at least three months after the date of departure. Obtaining the appropriate visa is the participants' own responsibility.

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Biosecurity and customs

The New Zealand Government has a very tight biosecurity inspection at all international airports. Food, plant and animal items are restricted.

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Health insurance and vaccinations

It is recommended that participants have comprehensive medical insurance for the duration of their visit. If participants  are from the United Kingdom or Australia, they will receive the same immediate medical coverage as a New Zealand citizen or resident due to the Reciprocal Health Agreements. Participants should check with their local travel agent or health centre for vaccination requirements.



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