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No.15 2007

Bathymetric survey helps Cook Strait shipping

Identifying emerging contaminants of concern

Mahia's nuisance sediment

In the wake of the ferries

Mahia's nuisance sediment

Mahia’s nuisance sediment
Eroding cliffs – a possible sediment source on Mahia Peninsula. (Photo: Sheryl Miller, NIWA)

Mahia Peninsula, at the northern end of Hawke’s Bay, is renowned for its beautiful beaches and spectacular surf. But sedimentation is a big problem on some parts of the coast. The water is clouded by fine mud, and nearshore marine habitats such as rocky reefs are blanketed in sediment.

In the wake of the ferries

In the wake of the ferries
The sort of wake which can be a concern in Tory Channel. (Photo: Warren Thompson, NIWA)

NIWA-designed ‘Dobie’ data logger.

NIWA has recently completed work to measure the wake waves of the vessels of one Cook Strait ferry operator.
The safety and environmental impacts of wake waves of large commercial vessels are a concern in a number of places around the NZ coast, none more so than Tory Channel, the route of the Cook Strait ferries.

Research subject: Coasts