Habitat map for taiapure

Habitat map for taiapure

Endemic quillworts have spiky appearance, grow to 0.3 m tall, and reproduce by spores in the leaf base (Photo: Rohan Wells)

NIWA produced this interactive CD-ROM to accompany the habitat map. The taiapure committee can click on points of interest on the map and view side scans of the seabed, and video footage of habitat and species, at that location.

The Wakapuaka Taiapure covers over 15 km of coastline and extends up to 4 km offshore from Cable Bay to Whangamoa Head in northern Tasman Bay.

The Department of Conservation, in association with the Taiapure Committee, contracted NIWA to survey the nearshore area to map reefs and other seafloor features. The Taiapure Committee wanted a detailed picture of the location of different habitat types and resources; for example, reefs are good habitat for kina and crayfish. The information will assist with management decisions.

Staff from our Nelson office surveyed the area with side-scan sonar, then used underwater video at selected sites to check the interpretation of the sonar pictures.

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