Winners of Wellington Science Fair Announced


The 2017 NIWA Wellington Regional Science and Technology Fair has again been a resounding success, with more than  550 intermediate and secondary school students taking part.

The fair, sponsored by the National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research (NIWA), is open for public viewing today and tomorrow morning at Newlands College Hall and Newlands Intermediate Hall. Prizes will be awarded tomorrow, Saturday 16 September, starting at 1pm.

Chief Judge Bradley Douglass says all judges believed the standard of projects continues to rise every year and the diversity of investigations is massive.

“My own impression is that the entrants are coming into this contest with a high level of personal investment into their projects, which certainly makes it all worthwhile.  Congratulations to all the prize winners on their efforts.”

Top prizewinners:

Reuben Campbell, a Year 10 student from Rongotai College, won the $1000 NIWA prize for the best overall exhibit with his project: “Improving Drone Performance using Ducted Propellers”.  He was also judged first in Class 4. Reuben designed different ducts for drone propellers to improve the lift of the drone.  He used a 3-D printer to make the ducts and then tested their performance.

Ensai August, a Year 12 student from Wellington High School, won the $500 Royal Society of New Zealand Wellington Branch prize for the runner-up best overall exhibit with his project: “Quickly Quenching Quinine”.  Ensai was also judged first in Class 5.  His project investigated tonic water fluorescence and how it can be quenched.

Zavier Boyd, a Year 11 student from Te Kura, won the Victoria University Innovation Prize of $5000 towards the fees in the first year of a VUW undergraduate degree in science or engineering, and was also judged second in Class 5. 

Other age class winners:

Finlay Wood, from Northland School, was judged first in Class 1 (Year 7) with a project “Is that my lunch? How do cats react to different bird sound recordings?.”

Mitchell Antrobus, from Northland School, was judged first in Class 2 (Year 8) with a project “Jelly Good Drink”.

Annalise Smith, from St Oran’s College, was judged first in Class 3 (Year 9)   with a project called “Are We Comparing Apples With Apples?”.

Details of all prizewinners are posted at:

Public viewing:

Newlands College Hall and Newlands Intermediate Hall, Bracken Road, Newlands

9am – 4:30pm, Friday 15 September 

9am – 12.30pm, Saturday 16 September


1pm, Saturday 16 September, Newlands College Hall, Bracken Road, Newlands


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