Video series on climate change featuring Dr. David Wratt


One of New Zealand’s leading climate scientists, Dr David Wratt, answers a series of questions about climate change in this new video series by NIWA.

Climate change is often described as the world’s most serious environmental issue. It is already having an impact in many areas of the globe. NIWA has put together a series of short videos explaining and discussing climate change and its effects in New Zealand.

Dr Wratt is speaking as emeritus scientist at NIWA and an Adjunct Professor in the Climate Change Research Institute at Victoria University. In the videos he is interviewed by NIWA intern Annie Hale, from Colorado College, USA.

What are the causes of climate change?

What changes in weather can we expect from climate change?


How is sea level rise likely to affect us in the next 100 years?

Has technology been developed to curb the effects of climate change?

What can individuals do to make a difference?

How do we prepare for climate change?

Is it too late to do anything about climate change?

Are you hopeful for the future?