Land-based salmon farming pioneer to headline New Zealand conference


Thue Holm, pioneer of land-based salmon farming will share his hands-on experience as keynote speaker at the New Zealand Aquaculture Conference in October.

Thue Holm is the entreprenual drive behind Langsand Laks AS, the world’s first commercial scale land-based salmon farm.  The farm uses recirculating aquaculture systems, and Holm is currently building one of the largest such system to farm Atlantic salmon in North America.

Holm's visit to the New Zealand Aquaculture Conference, “Feeding the Future”, is sponsored by NIWA.  NIWA’s Bream Bay Aquaculture Park in Northland is a world-renowned aquaculture facility.

Land-based aquaculture and recirculating aquaculture systems are an increasingly important part of the aquaculture development mix in New Zealand, according to Andrew Forsyth, NIWA's Chief Scientist, Aquaculture. 

"We look forward to the unique hands-on perspective that Mr Holm will bring to the conference", Forsyth says.  

Read a full media release about Thue Holm’s visit to New Zealand [PDF 294KB]

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Land-based fish-fin farming expert Thue Holm is the CEO of Atlantic Sapphire AS.