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Heading south again: RV Tangaroa expedition to Macquarie Ridge


After 50 days in Antarctica, NIWA Vessels staff and scientists worked hard over Easter preparing RV Tangaroa for a month-long voyage along the Macquarie Ridge southwest of New Zealand. Scientists from New Zealand and Australia are on-board.

31 March 2008

This voyage will help us understand more about:

  • how much water is in the different branches of the world’s largest current (the Antarctic Circumpolar Current) and how this varies over time
  • how past changes in ocean circulation affected New Zealand’s climate
  • what lives on seamounts (undersea mountains) in the region, including some never seen before

Tangaroa returns on 26 April.

For daily logs & more information, visit the website of Censeam (global census of marine life on seamounts)

Research subject: Oceans