Epic Antarctic voyage complete: analysis begins


NIWA’s ice-strengthened research vessel Tangaroa has now returned from its latest voyage to Antarctica.

26 March 2008

A multi-agency team of 26 scientists and 18 crew endured the worst ice conditions documented in the Ross Sea in 30 years. They worked around the clock to complete the most comprehensive survey of marine life ever undertaken in the Ross Sea region. Analysis of more than 30,000 specimens and other data collected during the 50-day voyage will take at least three years.

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Census of Antarctic Marine Life

Tangaroa Master Andrew Leachman studying an ice map on the bridge. (Photo: Peter Marriott, NZ IPY-CAML)
Tangaroa crew work through a snow storm to retrieve the Brenke sled - a device for sampling organisms that live on and just above the seafloor. Credit: Glen Walker, NZ IPY-CAML
Research subject: Antarctica