Carbon Workshop 2008: Global Cycle to Regional Budget


The "Carbon Workshop 2008: Global Cycle to Regional Budget" will be held at the National Library Auditorium, Wellington on 14 and 15 April 2008.

12 March 2008

We look forward to bringing together the broad range of carbon researchers from within New Zealand along with overseas experts to review our current understanding of the global carbon cycle, its biogeochemical interactions and to look ahead at the science research challenges associated with the need to mitigate fossil carbon emission and develop policies for carbon constraint.

This workshop opens with Keynote addresses from Dr, Pep Canadell, Executive Director of the Global Carbon Project and Prof Martin Manning, VUW (Director of IPCC WG1 Support Unit for 4AR). The following programme has 4 sessions considering

  1. The Global Carbon Cycle
  2. New Zealand Terrestrial Carbon Budget
  3. Mitigation and Carbon Policy
  4. a carbon research poster session.

For more information on the programme and registration see We encourage poster submission through the web interface. If there is a topic you wish to present orally, please contact the conference organisers.


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